Women in Science

I am interested in experimenting with the intersection of women and science. This new body of work is currently in progress and tentatively titled, Women in Science.

This new series will visually explore the crossroads of women in science through the various science fields. Diversity and inclusion will be key visual aspects to this body of work by using wood stains as a way to bring in new tones to the figures as well as various communities. It is work-based in feminism, advocacy, diversity, and inclusion, but rooted in the belief in trusting science.

Kate is currently seeking grant funding for this body of work and the photo below is a work in progress.

In progress – Will be available for sale

Ornithology: Birds of a Folx

This piece features the science of ornithology, the scientific study of birds, paired with the diversity lens of LGBTQ scientists. Each of the birds painted in the piece is a different color, thus representing a rainbow, a visual symbol also used by the LBGTQ community. The various species of birds nod both to the beautiful variety of species of birds as well as the women, and those who identify as women, who are a part of the science community.